Standing at the top of a snow covered mountain in the Cascades, the Andes, and most recently the Southern Appalachians, next to the ones I love, I wonder — How could I feel more vitality than in this shiny moment? As I move through the meandering trails of never-ending mountainside in curious exploration, I see the faint pastel-hued chaos that could become a textile. I see electric pigmented old growth rainforests of the Elwah River Trail in Washington, high alpine wildflower meadows of the Hopi lands of Arizona devoid of time and I see, in totality, the universe expanding outward through these experiences in holy places. I see lunar eclipses from smoky mountain balds, lightning storms on the parameters of the Painted Desert, black bear cubs foraging wild blueberries through Alaskan hollers, and the connectedness that we all live in, everyday. All of these noticings inform my work in the creation of a textile. It all seems so far out sometimes, but it is always rooted in this human body, standing in a garden and always standing next to the ones I love. I see the mountaintops that I have the pleasure of strolling beside as portals to the majesty that is. In an effort to mirror the divinity in those mountaintop ingressions, I make a textile. In an effort to connect to my grandmothers, a quilter and an embroiderer, with the starry notions of innovation, I make a textile. My work is meant to be sat upon in quiet meditation, stepped upon in socks by a woodstove, worn traversing lofty peaks, and added to lonely spaces in a home for warm delight. Join me in the messy journey of collaging the patterns we see in the environment to fill our homes and lives with sweet sewn, woven, dyed, and stitched beauties.

Hannah Watson is a visual artist, trained in anthropological research and costume design from the College of Charleston, currently residing in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

 Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray . 

          - RUMI


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