artist statement

Weaving is freedom from right and wrong. In an effort to resist loss of biodiversity, weft yarns become people, become plants, grow legs and begin to wander across the plane of the ordered crosswise yarns. Innately in us all lies an affinity to weave, to draw connection, sometimes snug and thick like the plushness of a rug, sometimes loose and gauzy like a summer shirt that lets sweat drops pass through to the moist air. The tactility of cloth never ceases to woo me. The richness and diversity in textural achievement - that profound urge to bring uniformity and fertility to disparate materials - to connect them into one textile. Weaving, in its linearity of line, has become a place to find reprieve, an honoring of truth, a clarity of thought and emotion. This particular creation process has become a way to find rhythm through syncing my breath as I throw the shuttle back and forth, back and forth. The question becomes: what is the essence of the yarn? Will it get along with, maybe even flourish and dance with its adjacently placed yarns? I want to know that my textiles will live a full life, that they will tatter in the wind and fade in the sun, and then compost back into the soil when it’s time.

Hannah Watson is a visual artist, weaver, seamstress, and natural dyer with a background in cultural anthropology and costume design from the College of Charleston, currently living in the mountains of Western North Carolina.


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I aim to work with other designers and creatives to foster a community of textile, art, & conscious fashion awareness. I invite you to contact me with any questions, collaboration ideas, or just to say hi